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"Our chatbot has helped over 10,000 teachers in the four months since launch by answering over 18,000 questions. These stats are better than anticipated at the outset – a great result for our members and us!"
Susan Fogarty, Communications and Advice Manager, Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand

How a large membership body automates answering more than 4,500 queries/month

With a backlog of unresolved cases, the Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand rolled out an automated solution to answer their 150,000 teacher members' questions more quickly. Powered by Helpfruit, the organisation's chatbot 'Miromiro’ now answers more than 4,500 queries each month. The chatbot frees up the contact centre team for more complex queries and streamlines interactions via a Salesforce integration.

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This was SUCH a useful asset, we had hundreds and hundreds of questions and conversations asked via the chatbot throughout Pink Ribbon Breakfast season which otherwise would've been asked directly to the team, so we saved so much time and could get straight back to anyone who triggered the contact us form.
Elise Simons, Marketing & Fundraising, Breast Cancer Foundation

Chatbot saves charity 25 hours per week

More than 3000 amazing Kiwis hosted Pink Ribbon Breakfast events in 2021 to raise funds for Breast Cancer Foundation NZ (BCFNZ). Helpfruit was there to answer all their questions about hosting and fundraising, making it easier for them to participate.

The chatbot had the added benefits of saving BCFNZ's marketing and fundraising team approx. 250 hours over the ten-week campaign, and delivering valuable campaign insights

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It’s fair to say Dot has made a significant difference to our small 5 person regulatory business here at the New Zealand Domain Name Commission. Since we launched Dot we’ve seen a 146% increase in enquiries between March and June this year compared to last year. Dot answered 55% of these enquiries which has been pretty remarkable.
Brent Carey, Domain Name Commissioner

Have a .nz domain question? Ask Dot!

The Domain Name Commission launched its chatbot, Dot, in 2020 to help members of the public with their .nz enquiries.

They got up and running fast, by offering live chat to answer questions asked of Dot. This gave the team the chance to find out what people wanted to know, and build their knowledge base accordingly.

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“The rich data we have in Tohu – the questions prospective students actually ask, in their own words – is a fantastic resource.”
Euan Howden, Director Marketing Platforms & Campaigns, Education New Zealand

Innovation with chat

Education New Zealand’s chatbot Tohu automatically answers thousands of questions from international students every month, on multiple websites and on Facebook Messenger.  

Tohu also integrates with ENZ’s CRM to collect marketing leads, and gets involved in campaign activities.

Ask New Anything with Tohu
“Turning live chat on and off is as simple as flicking a switch. When it‘s off, our chatbot automation takes over and can answer the customer’s questions, search our website for an answer, or take details for a call back."
Gary Richardson, GM Sales & Marketing, Hirepool

Hirepool: Automating support 24/7 with chat

New Zealand’s business landscape changed rapidly as COVID-19 cases increased in March 2020, with full lockdown imminent.

Kiwi equipment hire firm Hirepool moved just as fast, with the help of Helpfruit to develop a flexible new channel to support their customers.

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