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Simple, powerful knowledge management

Helpfruit uses AI to find the best match for a user’s question, supported by content you maintain.

Built-in responses to common questions come as standard, so you can get up and running fast. Answers can include images, gifs, videos, forms and articles, to aid understanding.

Your chat content is structured in an intuitive way, based on question and answer pairs. Use follow up questions to guide the conversation, and categories to keep things organised.

Keep chat on-track

Traditional chatbots struggle when questions are unclear. One word questions, or questions that refer to prior messages are difficult to match to answers.

Helpfruit plugs the understanding gap with GPT-powered ‘conversation enhancement’. Using your customer's recent conversation history and a custom AI prompt about your business context, it fine tunes the question being asked.

No rogue “hallucination” answers are possible.  Helpfruit's answers always use your approved content.  It uses the answers you’ve created already in the knowledge base, and AI is just used to enhance the question.   

Your customer conversations are kept private and not used for AI training.

*Note GPT enhanced conversations feature is enabled when trialing Helpfruit on request.

One question leads to another

Often in conversation, one question leads to another. You can add follow-up or related questions to any question you like.​

​This helps keep answers short and snappy, and keeps the conversation on track.

Follow up questions appear as buttons below your bot's answer, suggesting logical next actions for your customers.

Tags to connect your content

Tag your chatbot content and related articles for a richer experience for your users. Your tagged materials can also trigger other types of interactions, like surveys or live chat.

If you use FAQ Wizard, the imports are automatically tagged with the page/document the question comes from.

You'll be able to see all your tags in one place as well as search and manage content by topic. All designed to make it easy and quick for content managers.

Feedback loops as standard

Ask for regular customer feedback using like/dislike buttons.

Review the data to see if there are gaps in your knowledge base.

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