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Refresh your
customer self-service

Chatbots (web and social media), live chat, and knowledge base - all in one.
For brands that are bananas about trustworthy customer service.

Built-in protections

Consistent help at every turn

Brand trust is important. Extra checks and balances are built into Helpfruit so you don't need to worry.

No hallucinations and nothing leaked to public GPT models - ever. Backed by ISO27001 certification.

Content always aligns with one knowledge base running all chatbots and help pages. Only approved content is published.

The Helpfruit core

20% of queries need a human touch.

We are here for the other 80%.

When customers need support businesses turn to email, ticketing and call centre systems. But the problem remains – customers can’t get timely answers they need where they want them.

We’re turning this on its head.  

Helpfruit is a first line self-service solution that answers 80% of customer questions on the channels they prefer – social (Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp), web chat, and web help pages.

Helpfruit minimises support ticket volumes and increases customer satisfaction.

Customer self-service platform

Help customers fast

Helpfruit gives your customers the answers they need when and where they need them.

It uses AI to save customers and content/social managers time - in a protected and safe way.

Create content quickly using our AI tool that uses your existing materials.

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Protected and secure

Omnichannel service

Social media customer service

Social media chatbots make managing DMs easy on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

Run one Helpfruit chatbot across all social channels, your website, and even work channels like Teams and Slack.

Extend and personalise chat answers using APIs to connect your data and CRM systems.

Provide in-depth support using Help Pages - our CMS for help articles.

When personal contact is needed, live chat minimises cost and effort.

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Loved by these organisations to give the right help at the right time

Not just another AI chatbot

The Helpfruit edge

From seed to scale

Start with a chatbot.
Then add live chat, custom responses via API calls, and deep-dive help pages.

Help content accelerator

Make help content quickly using our GPT Wizard tool to draft chat content from your approved documents. Edit and approve before publishing.

Secure by

Enterprise privacy controls. Built and managed according to ISO27001. No hallucinations or leakage into public GPT models.

Analytics to optimize

Insights that identify what's working and where fine tuning is needed.

Juice up your chatbot with our integrations

All the latest from Helpfruit

Now you can have it all.
AI-boosted customer
self-service without risks.

Enjoy this sweet deal – a 30-day free trial.

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