Conversation insights



Reveal user patterns, see where your knowledge base has gaps, and the channels that are most popular.

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Optimise your self-service

Helpfruit's analytics dashboard makes your customer’s interactions with your tools visible, measurable and actionable.

See conversation sentiment, volume of messages broken down by day and time, live chat acceptance rates and more. Know exactly where improvements are needed.

Voice of customer insights

See the questions your customers asked, in their own words, how the bot responded, and what your customer did next. This makes it easy to identify gaps in your knowledge base – areas where you could add new question variants or entirely new content you hadn’t previously considered.

See events in GA4

Integrate your Helpfruit performance events into Google Analytics 4.

Off-the-shelf events include form fill start, form fill complete and feedback received. Use the 10 prebuilt events or create your own.

Tips in your inbox

Helpfruit’s weekly summary email gives you an immediate view of how many questions your bot has answered and how much time you've saved.

At a glance, see what questions your bot found difficult to answer.

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