Customer self-service with chatbots and AI

Trade email tickets for self-service at scale - 24/7

“Prior to Helpfruit with a social media team of two, it could take up to 24 hours for someone to get a response. Now they can get an immediate response, and we know that the chatbot can answer more than 80% of the most common questions.”
Nicole Baird, Education New Zealand

Immediate support


Let your customers choose how they connect with you when they have a question.

By combining a chatbot with live chat and in-depth help pages, your customers choose how to get the answers they need.  

Helpfruit chatbots run on Meta’s social channels (Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook) as well as workplace channels (Teams and Slack).


Easy self-service

Connect to back-end systems

Use FAQ Bot to guide your customer through your tracking process and send real time order or delivery updates – in chat.

Data to grow with

Insights for greater engagement

Easily see where there are gaps in your knowledge base, track live chat stat, chat abandonment or customers are happy repeat users.

Weekly emails give content makers pointers about what to focus on next.

Moderation/profanity filters block offensive material from being seen by your team.

"Our chatbot has helped over 10,000 teachers in the four months since launch by answering over 18,000 questions. These stats are better than anticipated at the outset – a great result for our members and us!"
Susan Fogarty, Communications and Advice Manager, Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand

Drafting chat content

Turn existing help into chat

Avoid hours of tedious work when making chat content.

Just upload your approved PDFs and web pages and Helpfruit’s secure FAQ Wizard will create chat Q&A in seconds.

Ready for you to edit and approve.


Helpfruit combines your customer's question with their recent conversation history and a custom AI prompt to better match answers to questions.

Especially useful for answer-matching to one-word questions.

Quick action buttons in chat gives customers answers to common questions faster. All based on customisable triggers.

And when your customer moves from web page to web page, Helpfruit's chat content is sticky bringing along the previous content for improved answer understanding.

Our customer success team helps you to be more helpful with training and coaching part of our plans.

“Because Helpfruit is fast and easy to update – no code required – we can make sure Tohu is always up to date with the latest information – even when the situation is changing all the time. It’s been a very useful channel for us in getting important and timely information to a range of audiences.”
Jamie Crump, Director of Business Planning, Education New Zealand

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Giving the right help at the right time

Detailed knowledge base

Searchable help pages

Some questions need a detailed explanation or visuals like graphics, videos, and tours.  

Help pages are comprehensive, searchable knowledge bases that include short Q&A answers, and longer-form articles. Categorise content as you need and manage everything from one central place, including assets.  

Roll out on any subdomain and run fully accessible help pages on any website.


Multi-channel chatbot

Answer customers' questions, wherever they ask them

Deploy the same chatbot on multiple websites and on Facebook Messenger. Wherever your customer choose to chat,  an FAQ Bot can answer their questions.

You can also use your chatbot’s knowledge base to automatically generate browsable, searchable help pages for your website.

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FAQ Pages

Automatic help pages for your website, powered by FAQ Bot.

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A single chatbot for all your channels - web, mobile, Facebook Messenger and more.

Customer self-service features

Need to accelerate your Q&A development?

Powered by GPT AI, FAQ Wizard creates Q&A from your documents. You edit and approve for accuracy to remove any ‘hallucinations’.

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