Say Hello to Helpfruit!

Say Hello to Helpfruit!

A new brand and identity for FAQ Bot. Welcome to Helpfruit!

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that FAQ Bot has rebranded as Helpfruit!

Our new brand is a nod to our fresh approach to customer self-service. We’re all about helping customers to help themselves (and minimise time-consuming email tickets and calls). Checkout our refreshed website here.

What can you expect?

As before, you can use Helpfruit to you give your customers the right help at the right time – on the channels they love.

Here’s what’s at our core: First line self-service solutions

Our platform is your go-to for customer self-service. We’ve a bunch of tools all focused on giving trusted, efficient help that people actually use.

Our chatbots live on the platforms people frequent like websites, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Our knowledge base of help pages provides a home for detailed, in-depth assistance. Your customers enjoy efficient real-time support through live chat and can experience personalised chatbot messages when you link your data to our platform for an even better resolution rate.

Under the skin

We’ve been busy! Our portal now boasts the fresh new Helpfruit identity. Plus, we’ve upgraded our tech stack for enhanced reliability and speed. And, of course, recently, we launched productivity-boosting GPT-powered features like the chat content maker and context-aware responses as well as support for new social channels – Instagram and WhatsApp.

What’s next?

The journey starts here! In the coming months, you can expect new features that’ll give your customers an even better self-service experience. We know trust is critical for brands, so these features will continue to use technologies like GPT in an entirely protected, safe way.

Welcome to the world of Helpfruit, where trusted assistance is ripe and ready! 🍏🌐



I’m an existing customer. What does this mean for me?
The software works the same way it did yesterday. You can update and manage your chatbots, help pages, and knowledge base as normal.

What is different is that the portal features our new logo and splashes of colour – and is, accessed here. But don’t worry, we have a redirect in place on the previous url, too, so you won’t miss a thing.

Our help centre is now at – and redirects are in place too.

Is the company behind Helpfruit different?  

Helpfruit is built and managed by Theta. The same great team (and company) behind FAQ Bot’s success is now working with our Helpfruit customers.

Check out our website chatbot or help pages for product help. Or contact us here, we’re always happy to be in touch.

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