FAQ Wizard: Free GPT-powered content assistant

FAQ Wizard: Free GPT-powered content assistant

Get a headstart on Q&As with this new tool.

Discussions about ChatGPT are everywhere – on social media and blogs, in the boardroom, and on the shop floor. Businesses are working out what it means for them – how could it make them more efficient, what guardrails are needed, and even whether ChatGPT can be used as a business chatbot.

We've also taken a deep dive into ChatGPT and GPT too. We wanted to investigate how it can solve one of chatbot administrators' biggest challenges – content creation. Whether a chatbot runs internally or on a website, someone is always responsible for setting up the questions and answers that form the chatbot’s knowledge. For many organizations, the time it takes to build this content is seen as a barrier. It means chatbots aren’t adopted – even when time savings, and ROI are clear.

We've developed a solution to this problem!

Say hello to our new GPT-powered content assistant – FAQ Wizard.

FAQ Wizard creates chatbot content quickly and accurately. This tool is a standout because it takes documents you own, like PDFs, word docs, and your webpages and uses GPT3.5 to create Q&A content within minutes. With this baseline of content, editors then get their chance to update and review for accuracy – making sure generated content doesn’t contain AI ‘hallucinations’.

This combination of GPT and human content curation accelerates high-quality conversational content creation. You get the benefit of AI automation with the ability to validate the answers produced, eliminating the risk of rogue AI.

While it's early days, businesses from various sectors are checking out FAQ Wizard. Those businesses have one thing in common – a need for accurate content quickly. Many are in highly regulated sectors, such as insurers, financial advisors, and lenders. Here's an example of Q&A created using two webpages only.

Want to give it a try? Check it out here.

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