Help your customers where they hang out: Introducing Instagram and WhatsApp Chatbots for customer service

Help your customers where they hang out: Introducing Instagram and WhatsApp Chatbots for customer service

Discover how we’re supporting you to help more customers across more social channels without extra effort.

Businesses everywhere are on the lookout for effective ways to engage with their customers and build loyalty. If you’re operating in the fashion, travel, or food industry, Instagram and WhatsApp are probably the main stay of your marketing. With Instagram fast becoming a preferred platform for eCommerce, it’s not just driving sales, but is also becoming a key channel for growing customer loyalty. To be effective on these channels you need to efficiently manage support.

Ideally the aim is to have your social media manager free from the constant barrage of DMs about shipping and returns, and instead focussed on crafting compelling posts. At the same time you want to delight your customers as they receive immediate, hassle-free support on WhatsApp and Instagram, at the moment they need it.

Rolling out chatbots across all the channels your customers use is a great way to tackle this problem. It does the customer service heavy lifting and works 24x7.

Even better; is using an omni-channel chatbot that runs on all these channels and therefore doesn’t need any additional effort to manage. This means you can support your customers wherever they are, without the need for additional staff or resources.

Introducing Helpfruit's Instagram and WhatsApp channels

Helpfruit's channel family has grown! Our latest version of Helpfruit is custom-made to make support on Instagram and WhatsApp easy. These new channels join web and Facebook Messenger channels so you can now use the Helpfruit chatbot on all three Meta platforms (plus for internal use, Teams and Slack are available too).  You can use live chat across all these platforms too - with a single inbox across all channels.

Built using the same standout AI design and user experience as our web channel, these newest channels use the same knowledge base across all platforms. For content creators, the beauty of this is that one knowledge base is used to answer all the queries from all the platforms. You update a question-and-answer pair once, and it is available immediately across all channels. Whether you’re running one channel or four, the effort required to manage and train the chatbot is the same.

Customers will get the same consistent and immediate answers 24/7, irrespective of which platform they use! This means happier customers, which can lead to increased loyalty and more repeat business. Getting immediate answers or getting matched with a live chat representative helps people feel heard, builds loyalty and brand affinity.

In short, Helpfruit’s new Instagram and WhatsApp channels:

1.      Use the same knowledge base as the web and Facebook channels. This means that there is just one knowledge base to build and maintain.

2.      Use live chat across all channels with a single inbox.

3.      Run from the same dashboard. So, there is only one interface to get familiar with and one set of integrations to set up.

4.      Use GPT enhancements to resolve even more queries faster.

5.      Give usage statistics and insights by channel.

6.      Have a smart scheduler. You can set the hours that your chatbot works. For example, it could be set to work after hours and at weekends.

7.      Automatically translate content into the user's language.

8.      Seamlessly transition conversations between channels if CRM integration allows.

Responding immediately to customer queries on the channels they are on doesn’t mean working harder. Helpfruit chatbots help you work smarter – and build stronger customer relationships through better, more immediate support on the channels your customers prefer. This means you can provide outstanding customer service while also improving your team’s efficiency and productivity.

If you’re ready to give your customers an immediate support experience on Instagram and WhatsApp (as well as run a chatbot on your website or Facebook Messenger), then start a trial here. With our no-code setup, you’ll be up and running in no time. Customers using Insta and WhatsApp will thank you (and so will your customer support teams). 😊

(This blog was originally published by FAQ Bot. FAQ Bot rebranded to Helpfruit in May 2024 -  this blog has been updated accordingly.)