Mastering GPT-generated Q&A: Applying the Pareto Principle to improve efficiency

Mastering GPT-generated Q&A: Applying the Pareto Principle to improve efficiency

An content strategy for GPT-created Q&A to reduce future update burdens.

Maintaining the accuracy of business content can be challenging, particularly when multiple pieces of content across many platforms need updating. When you release a new product feature, for example, you need to update web pages, blogs, Q&A content, internal support documents and more.

We're producing more content than ever before thanks to GPT-powered content tools. But the more content we have, the more time-consuming it is to update it all when something changes.

The challenge is: How can we develop GPT-generated Q&A without being overwhelmed by the volume of updates needed for seldom-used chat content when things change? Yes there are tools out there to help generate Q&A, like FAQ Wizard - but what content strategy will help?

The Pareto Principle, or the 80:20 rule, offers a solution. According to this principle, 20% of effort produce 80% of results. By applying it to conversational chat, we can train chatbots to answer 80% of user queries with just 20% of what would be our possible Q&A content. This approach lets us concentrate on the most frequently asked questions, optimizing productivity and reducing future update burdens.

Our GPT-powered FAQ Wizard helps you generate Q&A content based on the information you give it. Instead of addressing every conceivable question, try creating content based on your website's top 5 most viewed pages as an example. This 'Pareto' approach ensures you prioritize the most important content and helps your future-self minimize time spent updating rarely used Q&A when things change.

By combining GPT-powered Q&A creation with the 80:20 rule, we create a more efficient Q&A strategy. Striking the right balance between comprehensiveness and efficiency enables us to reap the benefits of GPT-generated content while remaining mindful of maintenance burdens.

Are you ready to try this content strategy?  Why not start by using FAQ Wizard to generate Q&A for your top 20% visited webpages as a starter?

(This blog was originally published by FAQ Bot. FAQ Bot rebranded to Helpfruit in May 2024 -  this blog has been updated accordingly.)